SOS! I Need A Wardrobe Change!

Okay so I’m freaking out, I opened my wardrobe and realized I hadn’t brought in anything new to my closet in a good two years, and that’s a total kill for my style! I look like a homeless person because more than half of my clothes are worn out! Somebody recommended that I check out the Birdnest Promo Codes at SuperSaverMama and I’m going to do just that!

However, before I go about checking out the Birdnest Collection 2018 I was advised to be organized, and since I’m not a planner, I’m going to give it a try:

Birdnest Promo Codes

What do you need?

Hmm, that’s a tough one because I know that I need EVERYTHING!
But seriously, there are so many choices, but that’s why I chose Birdnest in the first place. They have options that pick out the complete attire for you which is just what I need, especially since I know nothing about fashion. The best part is, I can pick out complete attire according to body type, personality, preferences, occasion and so much more!

What type of dresses do you need?

Okay, I love dresses, but I never got myself to buy many. In my defence, I have no idea there were so many types of dresses. Here are a few options

I’ve seen:

  • There are cocktail dresses, but they’re more for fancy occasions which means, I wouldn’t need many because I don’t go out much.
  • Next, I have bodycon dresses which are great, but I have a few of them already which is more or less unused.
  • There are tunics which I need a lot of! They’re loose, fun to wear and quite comfortable. I also prefer floral dresses amongst the many other options that I have.

Do you need cotton dresses?

Okay so cotton dresses are considered casual, but they can be styled up to become semi-casual. I definitely need them because they look elegant and feel great! I usually prefer wearing them on the beaches, and since it’s summers, I need a lot of them!

What type of skirts do you need?

I ‘m a major fan of maxi skirts, and Birdnest offers the best there is. Often I prefer wearing long skirts to beaches, and the best part is that they work for normal occasions as well!

Okay, so I feel relatively calmer which is good. I’m also going to look into their shoes and tops, but for now, I’ve got the most important things that I need written down right here.

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